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Zaiaku Age: Japan , , Tokio. Well im speaking German,English and halfway Japanese. I really don't know what i can writing down here sooo Akiakichan Age: Japan , , Tokyo.

Japan , Alabama , Yokohama. I'm a 38 year old Japanese guy working in the fashion industry. I love to surf, listen to old records and enjoy long walks on the beach. Chanama Age: Japan , Alabama , Sapporo. Japan , , xxx. Japan , , nagoya. Pages 1 2 3. This made a lot of small problems that would build up over time and go unspoken of. Eventually, they would boil over because I never realized my partners true frustrations until our problems reached a breaking point.

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Another big difference I noticed was how most guys saw dating in the long-term. For nearly everyone I met, the idea of ever getting married to another man was completely foreign.

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Gay marriage itself seemed way outside of anything most had ever considered. The majority seemed to have accepted being alone in the long term and planned to hide their sexuality from their parents forever.

Another aspect that was shocking was the total lack of public displays of affection. I am not huge on PDA, but holding hands, even linking arms in public, does not happen.

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Kissing, even for straight people, is out of the question. It was really difficult for me because even in situations where no one was around, most guys would not want to do anything at all. I adjusted in the end, but it was a very strange concept to get used to.

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I would get asked questions about my life in America, who I was dating, how many gay Japanese guys I knew etc. Last Updated on March 12, Near tennocho station. There are really two main types of guys I met while living abroad. Kagoshima, Japan; - The LGBTQ presence in Japan has started to make itself known recently beyond the various gay manga and anime of varying sexual explicitness that we all know and love.

Recently Japanese media seems to be warming up to the idea of LGBTQ people, and being gay in Japan is slowly starting to be seen a bit more normal. There are many examples of homosexuality in manga and anime, specifically Yaoi, Boy Love, Yuri and other gay genres that have been popular for a while, but I still consider that side of gay popular culture quite underground. She is absolutely everywhere, although I think the public sees her as more of a comedic character that a serious advocate. He is now 78 but is very active on Japanese TV often dressing as a drag queen and voicing his opinions about politics and current events.

Homosexuality in the media does exist, which I think does say something about the progress society is making, but it is nothing compared to the west. If you are going out in Japan with the same expectations as American or European nightlife, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. The gay social scene exists, but not in the same loud and proud way that I was used back in the states. I lived in Kyoto, a generally quiet and low-key city with not much in terms of clubs or gay bars at all. If you do not speak Japanese then your options are pretty limited.

Osaka and Tokyo have also passed no dancing laws for small venues, which in the Osaka gay scene is nearly everywhere. Sadly this makes things pretty dull. Explosion is the liveliest of the locations, and has about 40 people a night.

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Chat to gay men in Japan! Join the number one community for gay men now. What is it like dating a Japanese guy as a gay expat in Japan? What are some of the issues that we face, how do we deal with them as a.

On international nights there is a mixed crowd, with moderate dancing and a good amount of fun. Sadly, on regular Friday or Saturday nights things are quite awkward. Even in the security of a gay club surrounded by other gays, people were very shy and even uncomfortable talking about anything gay as if it were taboo. The club could be filled with a sizable crowd yet most people stand on the edges and stare into an empty dance floor. I only got to visit there twice, but clubs are much more fun, people are more open, and generally I had a much better time.

I think this is partly due to the more international and mixed crowd plus the energy of a bigger city. Many universities including my own had queer societies with regular outings and monthly cooperative meetings.

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Osaka city also has a queer space for youth named Dista. They organized events, had weekly meetings and were open 5 days a week for anyone to drop in. I found resources on how to find these social groups to be limited at first, but the gay scene does exist; it just requires some extra digging in order to find information. Regardless, I had a very positive experience with every person came out to, guy or girl. They also tend to have a few establishments targeting women, such as my favorite bar Goldfinger… again with the innuendo!

If you live in a more rural area, and you have a dependable kanji app with a working knowledge of Japanese, you could try your luck searching for bars in your area on Gclick. The word is that even rural areas have some kind of gay establishment within an hour radius.


Japan, a country which has an annual penis festival, must surely be filled with daily celebrations of homosexuality during pride season, right? Alas, no. It seems that pride events are conducted rather inconsistently in major cities like Sapporo and Kobe, and the only pride festival I was able to confirm for was Tokyo Pride on May 7.

You could still try going to the penis festival every year in early April , if anything. We believe in love tokyopride. You might also find other social events that appeal to you on the social media platforms mentioned above, especially Stonewall and 9monsters, which frequently promote parties being held across the country and not just in Tokyo. Asakusa, Tokyo june25thxtravel taishuengeki.

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